National Brain Mapping Centre
2016/7/21 How to get a grant and write a scientific paper?

Aims:  Scientific writing skills are essential needs to secure funding for your research projects and publishing them. The main goal of this workshop is the development of effective technical wri...

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Open positions

NBMC of the Islamic Republic of Iran, invites Iranian scientists and clinicians who have experience and experties in Brain Mapping to collaborate with the Centre. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Center Director.

Our Logo

The NBMC logo was designed in Spring 2014. It is inspired by several conceptual elements:

  1. The left half shows a human brain hemisphere, indicating  what we do is within the realm of neurosciences.
  2. On the right half, an astrolabe is minimally depicted as two semi-circles (mater and rete). Astrolabe is an ancient invention serving as an astronomical computer; this instrument was primarily used for navigation in time and position based on the situation of stars and constellations. The astrolabe adverts to the fact that spatial and temporal parameterization of brain structure and function is central to Brain Mapping.
  3. In the middle is located a star and its rays emitting outwards  reaching the perimeter. This implies the futuristic concept of Matrioshka brain, a proposal for huge computational platforms. Brain mapping is dependent on the seed of computation of very large datasets, and science will supposedly reach a critical milestone in the next centuries when every single neuronal signal becomes traceable across the living human brain.
  4. A compass is also overlaid atop which represents MRI as one of the important methodologies in human brain mapping.
  5. Green, white, and red are the three colors of the Iranian flag.