Electrophysiology and Optogenetics Lab


We are interested in understanding how visual single and population neurons (LFP) reflect visual perception. We pursue this general goal by studying the response properties, neuronal functions, and mapping organizations of neurons through the visual cortical areas as well as the cortical layers in both awake and anesthetized primates. We also are interested in understanding the neural circuits of spatial visual attention in area V1 of primates and tree shrews. 
The team members of Electrophysiological and Optogenetics studies are included:
Dr. Reza Lashgari, Faculty member of Biomedical Engineering Department, Iran University of Science and Technology
Dr. Abbas Khani, Faculty member of Biomedical Engineering Department, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Masoumeh Kourosh Arami, Faculty member of Department of Basic Sciences, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences