Habib Ganjgahi

Researcher in Imaging Statistics

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Habib Ganjgahi is a researcher in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick working for Tom Nichols (Warwick University) and Peter Kochunov (U. Maryland Baltimore) as part of NIH grant on developing inference methods for imaging genetics studies that need to consider the genomic and spatial structure (fMRI, DTI or Structural MRI) data in both independent and pedigree samples. Habib graduated in Mathematics from Ardebil University, Iran. He obtained his MSc in Statistics from Amirkabir Technological University, Tehran, Iran. His dissertation was on Markov model and mixture of Gaussian distribution for multispectral image segmentations under supervision of Dr. Adel Mohammadpour. He then held research assistant positions in Tehran Institute for Advanced Medical Technology and in Tehran Institute for Cognitive Sciences Studies.