Mohammadali Arami

Consultant Neurologist

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Interest: Intraoperative Neurophysiology 


Medical student (1987-1994), Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. Tabriz, Iran.

Resident in neurology (2000-2004). Department of Neurology, Imam Khomini Hospital, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. Tabriz, Iran.

Medical Experience and Training courses:

  • Assistant Professor (2004-2005), Department of  Neurology, Shaheed Beheshti Hospital, Kashan University of  Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran.
  • Headache clinic. Shaheed Beheshti Hospital, Kashan University of  Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran.
  • Advanced evoked potentials techniques and Intraoperative monitoring (2006), international neuroscience institute (INI), Hannover , Germany.
  • Iranian Social Security Organization, Neurology and Neurosurgery Department, Milad Hospital. Consultant Neurologist. (2005-2010)
  • Advanced Intraoperative monitoring techniques (2009), international neuroscience institute (INI), Hannover , Germany.
  • Educational Course of  International society of intraoperative neurophysiology, 2014, Istanbul, turkey.

Articles in English Language:

  1. Khandaghi R, Hejazy ME, Farzannia A, Arami MA. A Case of Central Sleep Apnea and “Ondine Curse” due to Type I Chiari Malformation. Journal of Neurological Sciences [Turkish] 21:(1)#12;77-78, 2004
  2. Khandaghi R, Arami MA.  “NUMB CHIN” AS THE FIRST AND SOLE PRESENTING SIGN OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Archives of Iranian Medicine, Volume 8, Number 1, 2005: 60 – 62.
  3. Arami MA, Yazdchi M, Khandaghi R. Epidemiology and characteristics of Guillain-Barre syndrome in the northwest of Iran. Ann Saudi Med 26(1), 2006, pp.
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6.    Ebady SA, Arami MA, Kucheki E. A Case of Insulinoma with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Cerebral Infarction. The Internet Journal of Neurology, 2005.

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  12. Arami MA. A case of brainstem cavernous angioma presenting with persistant hiccup. Acta medica Iranica. 2010.
  13. Ayromlou H, Najmi S, Arami MA. Hemiparkinson Hemiatrophy syndrome, a case report. Archives of Iranian Medicine.  
  14. Mohamadian R, Aboulfazl Najaran, Arami MA, Mansoorizadh R. Thalamic hemorrhage six days after carotid artery stenting. Ann Saudi Med. 31(4): 432-3. 2011.
  15. Masoud Shirvani, Arami MA. Hearing Preservation and Facial Nerve Outcome in Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery: Total Removal Using the Retrosigmoid Approach. J Inj viol Res. 4(3 suppl 1), 2012.


Articles in Farsi

  • يزدچي محمد، آرامي محمد علي، نجمي صفا، منصورپور لقمان. مطالعه تغييرات ضربان قلب با تنفس درسندرم گيلن باره و ارزش پروگنوستيك آن. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشكي كاشان (فيض)
  • يزدچي محمد، آرامي محمد علي، نجمي صفا، منصورپور لقمان. مطالعه تغييرات رفلكس سمپاتتيك پوستي در فاز حاد سندرم گيلن باره. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشكي تبريز
  • يزدچي محمد، ميكاييلي هاله، آرامي محمد علي. بررسي مورتاليته گيلن باره بيماران بستري در بخش مراقبت هاي ويژه. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشكي زاهدان (طبيب شرق)
  • يزدچي محمد، خندقي رضا، آرامي محمد علي. بررسي تشنجات زودرس پس از سكته هاي مغزي. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشكي اردبيل.
  • خندقي رضا، آيرملو هرمز، نبيي رضا، آرامي محمد علي، خماند پيام. پيگيري باليني و الكتروفيزيولوژيكال بيماران مبتلا به حمله نوريت اپتيك حاد. مجله دانشگاه علوم پزشكي اردبيل.


Congresses and seminars presentations :

1.    Khandaghi R, Arami MA.  A Case of Central Sleep Apnea and “Ondine Curse” due to Type I Chiari Malformation. 10th Iranian Annual International Congress of Neurology and Neurophysiology. Tehran, Iran. 2003.

2.    Arami MA. Analgesic Rebound Headaches in Migraine Headache and its Management. 16th congress of Iranian Internists. Tehran, Iran. 2005.

3.    Arami MA, Kuchaki E, Ebady SA. Two cases of insulinoma Presenting with recurrent seizures. 2th Congress of Iranian Epilepsy Association. 2005,Tehran, Iran.

4.    Pakdaman H, Arami MA, Kholghi Y. Neuromyelitis optica. 2th International Multiple Sclerosis Congress, 2006, Isfahan, Iran.

5.    Arami MA, Masood SA, Kucheki E. Effects of sound on migraine headaches. First congress of sound, health and development. Kashan 2005.

  1. Masoud SA, Arami MA. Is Their Association Between Parkinson's Disease and Cigarette Smoking? 12th Iranian Annual International Congress of Neurology and Neurophysiology. Tehran, Iran. 2005
  2. Arami MA, talebi M, Majidi J. Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Young Adults cerebral Ischemia. 12th Iranian Annual International Congress of Neurology and Neurophysiology. Tehran, Iran. 2005

8.    Arami MA, Piroozbakht A. Limbic seizure and report of an intresting case. 3th Iranian Epilepsy Association congress. 2006, Tehran.

9.    Arami MA. Hypertensive encephalopathy, ethiology and clinical experiences. First seminar on emergency medicine. Tehran, 2006.

10.Arami MA. Surgical treatments for migraine headaches. 14th Iranian annual international congress of neurology and neurophysiology. Tehran, 2007.

11.Arami MA. Why do We Need intravenous Sodioum Valproate?. 4th Iranian Epilepsy Association congress. 2007, Tehran.

12.Arami MA. Neuroprotection: Do antiepileptic drugs. alter epileptogenesis process? 3th Iranian Epilepsy Association congress. 2006, Tehran.

13.Arami MA. Management of 38 cases of Occipital neuralgia, common and forgotten.  3th annual congress of Iranian pain society. 2007, Tabriz.

14.Pakdaman H, Arami MA, Kholghi Y, Garagozlu K. Devic's syndrome, case series. 2th Iranian Multiple sclerosis congress. Isfahan, 2oo6.  

15.Pakdaman H, Arami MA, Kholghi Y, Garagozlu K. HTLV1 myelopathy in Iran. 14th Iranian congress of neurology.2007

16.Garagozlu K, Pakdaman H, Arami  MA, Kholgy Y. Clinical charachtristics of 110 cases of nontraumatic myelopathy.  14th Iranian congress of neurology.2007

17.Pakdaman H, Karimi M, Arami MA. Vagal nerve stimulation in refractory epilepsy, case series and 5 years follow up study in Iran. 15th Iranian congress of neurology.2007

18.Karimi M, Arami MA. Carotid arteries stenting and angiography complications in Iranian patients. 16th Iranian congress of neurology. Tehran, Iran. 2007

19.Arami MA, Karimi M, Harooni G. Refractory epilepsy in Iran. 7th Iranian Epilepsy Association congress. 2009, Tehran, Iran.

20.Arami MA, Karimi M, Talari HR, Feridooni M. Clinical and radiological characteristics of post-stroke  Central pain. Iran pain study society annual congress, Rasht, 2009 .

21.Arami MA, Karimi M, Manteghi RF, Harooni G. Late onset multiple sclerosis in Iran. 6th iranian international congress of multiple sclerosis, Tabriz, 2009.

22.Arami MA.  Psycogenic seizures, a common pitfall in epilepsy management. Iranian Internists Association congress. Tehran 2011.

23. Arami MA. Deep brain stimulation in epilepsy treatment. Annual Congress of Epilepsy association, Tehran, Iran 2010.

24.Shokri MH, Arami MA, Arami Z. Basic mechanisms of drug resistant epilepsy. Annual Congress of Epilepsy association, Tehran, Iran 2010.


Researches under progress:

Study of cerebral hemodynamics in elderly headaches. Milad hospital, neurology department, with  Dr Karimi. In progress.

Frequency of Patent foramen ovale (PFO) in patients suffered severs migraine headaches. (With Dr Karimi, Milad hospital). In progress.

Evaluation of dysport injection in migraine headaches. Gazvin university of medical sciences projects (proposal has presented )

Intraoperative predictions of facial nerve function after acoustic neuroma tumor resection. (Milad neurology and neurosurgery departments, under progress)


Books: Translation of "Practical Approach to Treatment of Epilepsy" for Iranian Epilepsy Association, under supervision of Professor Garagozlu, head of association. (Published 2007)

Editorial Board:

Membership In Professional Societies:

·  Iranian Neurology Society (2000-present)

·  Reviewer of some Iranian and international medical journals.

·  Iranian team against epilepsy.

·  Iranian stroke association.

·  World Stroke Association (WSO)

·  International society of Intraoperative Neurophysiology (ISIN).