Manouchehr Vafaee

Professor of PET imaging

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Languages spoken: English, French, Azeri, Farsi, Danish   

Work address: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Dept. Neuroscience and Pharmacology, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 Copenhagen N

Fax: (45) 3532-7644




B.Sc. Physics. 1981, National University of Iran, Tehran

M.Sc.: Medical biophysics (1993), McGill University, Montreal Canada

Ph.D.:Neuroscience (1998), McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Doctor of medical sciences (Dr.Med.), 2015, University of Copenhagen



PET/MRI Imaging of neurological/psychiatric/cardiovascular diseases.


Scientific Memberships:

Member of the Society for Neuroscience

Member of the International Society of the Cerebral Blood Flow and glucose Metabolism, 

Member of the International Society for the Human Brain Mapping

Member of American Heart Association


Current and previous appointments:

Associate Prof., University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Med. Sciences (2011-current)

Assistant Prof., University of Copenhagen (2010-2011)

Assistant Prof., Århus University (2005-2010)

Research scientist, Århus PET Center (2000-2005).

Research fellow, Montreal Neurological Inst. (1998-2000)


Research profile :

Research scientist; Brain imaging of neurological disorders (Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada; 1997-2000).


Senior research scientist: Image evaluation of neurological patients candidate for neurosurgery; Investigation of cerebral blood flow and metabolism relationship in health and disease (Aarhus Kommune Hospital, Denmark; 2000-2002).


Assistant Professor; Investigator and co-supervisor for the research and clinical projects carried out at the research unit of university hospital (Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark: 2002-2005)


Senior research scientist; Aarhus Kommune Hospital, Denmark; Clinical Research Unit, 2005-2009.


Research Experiences:

a. Basic research

1. General principles of study design, image processing, and image analysis of PET (human/animal) studies.

2. Application of kinetic modeling for biomarker studies in PET. 

3. General principles of receptor studies.

4. PET/fMRI investigations of the relationship among blood flow, oxygen and glucose metabolism.

b. Clinical research

1. Investigation of the relationship among brain glucose metabolism, blood flow, and receptors in healthy population as well as Alzheimer´s patients.

2. PET studies of the effect of subthalamic nucleus stimulation (STN) in Parkinson´s patients.

3.PET studies of state of blood flow, metabolism and receptors in epileptic patients (mitochondrial disorders).

4. Renal blood flow/glucose metabolism measurements in diabetic patients.

5. Study of the effects of anaesthetics on cerebral blood flow.

6. Study of effect of oxygen and carbon dioxide on stroke patients.

7. Investigation of neuronal basis of nicotine addiction in human brain.

8. Evaluation and implementation of an Automated Blood Sampling System for Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

9. Implementation and validation of 15O-O2 labeled oxyhemoglobin administration for the measurement of cerebral oxygen utilization by PET



Teaching experience:

1. McGill University, Faculty of Science, Dept. Mathematics (teaching assistant)

2. McGill University, Faculty of Science, Dept. Physics (teaching assistant)

3. McGill University, Faculty of Medicine (Central Nervous System; teaching assistant).

4. University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Biology: In vivo Neurobiology, Brain imaging and its application in pharmacology. (Ph.D. course, since 2011)