1st Educational Program on Brain Mapping Science and Technology

Participants : Students , Graduate , Doctoral , Doctorate , Faculty , Clinicians
Fields : Neuroscience , Psychology , Neurology , Psychiatrist

Detail :

The first “Educational Program on Brain Mapping Science and Technology” will be held in Shahid Beheshti University from 7th April 2016 for 2.5 months (Thursdays 9:00-17:00).

This program will cover the theoretical (morning sessions) and practical (afternoon sessions) aspects of structural and functional MRI data preprocessing and analysis.

If you are interested to apply, please send a brief CV, why you are applying and how you will benefit from this workshop.

The deadline for application is March 16, 2016. 

National Brain Mapping Center



Introduction to neuroimaging 
Basics of MRI physic (structural)
Basics of MRI physic (fMRI and Diffusion)
MRI sequences and image optimization
Artifacts in fMRI and how to remove them
Image registration, unwarping, and segmentation
Motion correction 
Normalization and smoothing


Brain Gross Anatomy
Voxel-based and Tensor based Morphometry
Cortical and sub-cortical segmentation, volumetry and cortical thickness. 
Shape analysis 
Diffusion imaging and its applications
Correction for motion, distortions and eddy-current effects
Probabilistic diffusion modeling and tractography, including crossing-fibres
DTI fitting and voxel wise multi-subject analysis


Understanding BOLD signal 
Task-based and resting state design
Science of resting-state fMRI
Seed-based functional connectivity analysis
Subject-level fMRI analysis
Group-level fMRI analysis
Inference tools in imaging: voxel, cluster and TFCE
Multiple comparisons: random field and permutation


Effective connectivity
ICA Model-free analysis
Graph analysis


Population health imaging
Imaging machine learning
Neuroimaging meta-analysis (Coordinate based analysis)
Neuroimaging meta-analysis (Image-based analysis)


What MRI technique to use?
Clinical application of neuroimaging
Online resources and initiatives

Unfortunately, the deadline for registering for the workshop is over.